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LOVE ACTUALLY on the White City Cinema Radio Hour Podcast

I’m happy to report I’ve resurrected my White City Cinema Radio Hour podcast (after a 2-year hiatus!) in order to present a very special Christmas-themed episode. I welcome Cine-File Chicago critic Scott Pfeiffer and schoolteacher Karolyn Steele-Pfeiffer to help me break down Richard Curtis’ great – but very polarizing – rom-com LOVE ACTUALLY. Check it out here.



Happy Holidays from White City Cinema!

Please play this trailer LOUD. Also, does anyone know where I can get Olivia Hussey’s “jazz hands” sweater? Because I think it’s badass:

Happy Independence Day from White City Cinema and Little Edie!

Happy Holidays from White City Cinema

Happy Bastille Day from White City Cinema

Happy New Year from White City Cinema


Happy Holidays from White City Cinema!

May your X-mas/Hannukkah/Kwanzaa be happy and your New Year prosperous — just like Dr. William Harford.


Happy Thanksgiving from White City Cinema!


Happy 4th of July from White City Cinema

Happy Easter from White City Cinema

How do you like your cinematic Jesus? I prefer mine with a Marxist slant.


Happy Easter!

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