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The RELATIVE trailer has arrived!

The Film Stage has posted the exclusive trailer for RELATIVE! Cut by the master Eric Marsh, it features virtually every member of our large ensemble cast. The beautiful song in the background is “Rush” by King of the Sea (Trev Gibb). There are also links to where you can buy tix for our upcoming screenings at the Music Box Theatre and Gene Siskel Film Center in Jordan Raup’s accompanying article. Check it out here. Updated theatrical bookings and other information can be found on the film’s official website:


The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. Days of Heaven (Malick) – A+
2. Right Now, Wrong Then (Hong) – A
3. Days of Heaven (Malick) – A+
4. The Black Watch* (Ford) – B
5. Chungking Express (Wong) – A
6. Breathless (Godard) – A
7. Lost Highway (Lynch) – A-
8. Failan (Song) – A
9. Lost Highway (Lynch) – A-
10. Days of Heaven (Malick) – A+

* – first-time watch

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