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RELATIVE in Screen Magazine

Nice story about RELATIVE in Screen Magazine:

Eric Rohmer Roundtable on Cinecast

I am currently neck-deep in pre-production on RELATIVE, my fourth feature film, which will shoot later this month and I realize that it may be a minute before I am able to make any substantial updates to this blog. In the meantime, you may be interested in checking out this Eric Rohmer Roundtable that I participated in last month for Cinecast, the Cine-file Chicago podcast, with critics Ben Sachs and Scott Pfeiffer. We focus mainly on the “Tales of the Four Seasons”, Rohmer’s great, late cycle of films that has recently been restored/re-released but we also talk about his entire career (and I was particularly gratified to be able to compare THE AVIATOR’S WIFE with the work of Alfred Hitchcock). I think this is a fun listen:


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