The Art of Alfred Hitchcock

I recently gave an hour-long Zoom presentation on the “Art of Alfred Hitchcock” for the 19th Century Charitable Foundation in Chicago. I talked about the relationship between voyeurism and film editing and showed clips from THE LODGER, REAR WINDOW, VERTIGO and PSYCHO. You can now watch it on YouTube:


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3 responses to “The Art of Alfred Hitchcock

  • John Charet

    Great job in discussing the cinematic style of Hitchcock or at least regarding Rear Window, Vertigo and Psycho. I too loved your cat in the background 🙂 Speaking of Hitchcock, are you aware that he tried to get a transgressive horror thriller off the ground back in the mid-1960’s entitled Kaleidoscope? The style would have been influenced by that of French and Italian New Wave cinema – in the case of latter, that of Antonioni’s Red Desert. Some information about the unrealized Kaleidoscope can be found in a 1999 BBC documentary entitled Reputations: Alfred Hitchcock. Here is the link below and keep up the great work as always 🙂

  • Angela Snide

    List of Dylan songs: You forgot “Cross the Green Mountain,” didn’t you?

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