The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. La Pointe Court (Varda) – A-
2. The Cameraman (Keaton/Sedgwick) – A
3. Mur Murs (Varda) – A
4. Clash By Night (Lang) – A
5. She Dies Tomorrow* (Seimetz) – A-
6. Now and Then* – (Glatter) – C+
7. Good Time (Safdie/Safdie) – A-
8. The Sun Shines Bright (Ford) – A+
9. Days of Heaven (Malick) – A
10. Breathless (Godard) – A

*First-time watch


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One response to “The Last Ten Movies I Saw

  • Omar Pineda

    Last Ten Movies I Saw
    1.The Witches (Roeg)
    2. Come and See (Klimov)
    3. Gravity (Cuaron)
    4. Truly Madly Deeply (Minghella)
    5. Thelma & Louise (Scott)
    6. Paris, Texas (Wenders)
    7. Cabin in the Woods (Godard)
    8. Train to Busan (Yeon)
    9. Parasite (Ho)
    10. Night of the Living Dead (Romero)

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