The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. Bacurau (Dornelles/Mendonca)
2. Nightmare Cinema (Brugues/Dante/Garris/Kitamura/Slade)
3. The Swimmer (Perry)
4. Shivers (Cronenberg)
5. Shakedown (Weinraub)
6. King of New York (Ferrara)
7. Obit (Gould)
8. Auto Focus (Schrader)
9. Career Girls (Leigh)
10. The Lure (Smoczyńska)


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One response to “The Last Ten Movies I Saw

  • Neil Chisholm

    The Swimmer (#3) is a movie I really love. Burt Lancaster is great. The supporting cast is fine, as is the direction and cinematography. It’s a movie you will like even more on a repeat viewing because you can better understand the nuances of the dialog as you hear about this man’s back story bit by bit. Not everything is explained, so you have to put it together yourself. The ending was really stunning and surprising to me. Burt was proud of this movie although it was not a hit, but time has made it a cult film. The disc from Grindhouse comes with a long and fascinating doc.

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