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Talking Chaplin on Mysteries at the Museum / Cool Apocalypse on DVD


I will be on the popular Travel Channel show Mysteries at the Museum tomorrow night, Friday, June 3, talking about the theft and ransom of Charlie Chaplin’s corpse in 1978. For those unfamiliar with the show, each episode features segments that use objects located in museums around the world as jumping-off points to explore fascinating tidbits of history. The “hook” for the particular segment in which I appear is a bamboo cane once owned by Charlie Chaplin that is on permanent display at the Chicago History Museum. There are six segments per episode and the Chaplin segment will air during the second half of the episode that premieres at 9pm eastern time, 8pm central time (the show’s other segments are: Mystery of the Spinning Statue, Tusko the Unwanted Elephant, Map Trap, Pirates of the Mediterranean and The Ghost Will). For more information, visit the official Mysteries at the Museum site here.

My film Cool Apocalypse will be released on DVD via Emphasis Entertainment Group on August 30. Special features will include a feature-length audio commentary track by yours truly (hear me talk for 73 minutes non-stop!), a look behind-the-scenes by Emmy-winning filmmaker Pierre Kattar and the official trailer. I’m a big fan of Emphasis Entertainment’s other releases (I’m now “label mates” with Charlie Chaplin and Dziga Vertov!) and I’m thrilled that they are the ones distributing my film on home video. You can learn more about the release via the official Emphasis website here. You can pre-order the DVD on Amazon here.



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