WCCRH Episode Nine: Stephen Cone and Phyllis Nagy


The ninth episode of the White City Cinema Radio Hour is now online and I’m calling this one our “Q Hugo” special: the guests are writer/director Stephen Cone, whose acclaimed Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party opens at the Gene Siskel Film Center at the end of the month, and esteemed playwright Phyllis Nagy, who wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay for Todd Haynes’ Carol, now playing in wide release. Joining me in chatting with both of these folks is critic Kat Sachs (Cine-File Chicago), who also becomes the show’s first repeat guest. You can stream the show for free on the newly redesigned Transistor website here. Thanks to Andy Miles for recording the interviews and Kat for co-hosting!



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2 responses to “WCCRH Episode Nine: Stephen Cone and Phyllis Nagy

  • John Charet

    Great show as always 🙂 Regardless of whether or not one loves the film Carol or not (I was not a fan sad to say), Phyllis Nagy is very articulate and intelligent to listen to and Stephen Cone was every bit as fascinating to listen to as well 🙂 As you know, I love listening to both Ben Sachs (as well as reading his reviews) and I loved hearing what Kat Sachs had to say as well 🙂 Are they related? 🙂

    P.S. I loved watching your interview about Charlie Chaplin’s film debut 🙂 Anyway, I will be posting a blog entry in the future about my favorite films by Alain Resnais, but my last two blog posts on my site cinematiccoffee are up and they are both lists of my favorite films by directors Jean Renoir and Satyajit Ray respectively that should interest you 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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