The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. Halloween (Carpenter)
2. The Inquiring Nuns (Quinn)
3. Citizen Kane (Welles)
4. My Darling Clementine (Ford)
5. Mountains May Depart (Jia)
6. Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (Oshima)
7. My Golden Days (Desplechin)
8. Hitchcock/Truffaut (Jones)
9. JSA: Joint Security Area (Park)
10. The Treasure (Porumboiu)


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7 responses to “The Last Ten Movies I Saw

  • Mitchell

    Loved JSA when I saw it. I heartily recommend the Korean film Tae Guk Gi (The Brotherhood of War). Fascinating!

  • David smith

    My darling clementine, one of the best .p

  • Rocio Gonzalez

    JSA: Joint Security Area by Park, 2000
    This is a really sad story about four military border guards in Korea, who become really good friends but on one rainy night everything changes for the worst.
    Major Sophie Jean has been assigned to investigate what happened during this night, because they found two soldiers dead and two wounded.
    North Korea and South Korea are between “tension and reconciliation” according to General Botta, so he wants major Sophie to be very careful on how she approaches the matter. The depositions that have been recovered from the soldiers have some discrepancies which show that someone is lying or at least trying to hide what really happened! Therefore Major Sophie has to interview the suspects again. She makes her theories about what happened little by little, after taking into account the number of bullets on each gun and the shots on the bodies found inside the North Korea post. She also has several encounters with the soldiers involved, Pvt. Nam says that Sgt. Lee Soo Hyuhk was kidnapped by the North Korea soldiers and he had to kill them to run away. Sgt. Oh and Sgt. Lee agree on what the deposition shows on one of the interviews, even though it was made while Sgt. Oh was on a coma and Sgt. Lee doesn’t even read it, but major Sophie is not convinced.
    Throughout the plot in the story we found out the truth of these young soldiers that put aside their political differences to become more than friends. They realized that half of a century had passed before someone was brave enough to cross the bridge to find their relatives, their “brothers!”
    as they feel their relationship growing. It is so inconvenient that this beautiful relationship was interrupted by an intruder who shocked the reality of the soldier’s situation and brought back their trainings into their heads. Emotions run wild and brothers become enemies. Everything that they went through was forgotten and their lives were changed forever.

  • Victor De Leon

    Great list! Need to re-visit Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence. Thanks for the reminder!

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