Tickets for Cool Apocalypse at the Siskel Center On Sale Now

Tickets for the November screenings of my film Cool Apocalypse at the Gene Siskel Film Center are on sale now. They can be purchased in person at the box office or online at the Siskel’s website here. I will be present for Q&As following both screenings along with members of the cast and crew. Hope to see you there!



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3 responses to “Tickets for Cool Apocalypse at the Siskel Center On Sale Now

  • John Juodvalkis

    I watched the trailer and heard the song by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah so I might as well tell this story.
    About 15 years ago one of my old good friends that i hadn’t heard from in awhile called me up and invited me over for the fourth of July at his sister’s house. So I went over and partied with him and his older sister, and her boyfriend that I had never met before. The boyfriend was a pretty cool dude so we all got wasted that day and we started talking about music, then he put on an album and that song started playing. He said ” this is my band” a couple of times but I was drunk and an idiot so I thought he just meant that was his favorite band or something. I had heard the song a million times before on classic rock stations and thought it was a cool song but not something I would listen to on my own often so I just agreed with him that it was a good song and the topic pretty much turned to something else. Anyways, we continued to get wasted and then I left and never saw the guy again but then a few days later from my friend who had invited me over that the guy was actually a member of the band that wrote the song, which blew my mind and I felt like an idiot for not talking more with the guy about his band

    ( late note-Ok now that i have typed this whole long story I checked out the band on wikipedia and there isn’t much info, but I guess maybe he was John Jeremiah? The other band members listed seem way too old, the guy I knew was in his late 40s or so)

  • John Juodvalkis

    also getting tickets .my retail job is being a jerk about asking for time off in November but I’m sure I’ll figure something out

    • michaelgloversmith

      Very cool story, John. The author of the song is actually Skip Haynes. I had to get permission from him to use it in the film. He’s a super-nice guy.

      I’m thrilled you’ll be able to come to one of the screenings. I look forward to reconnecting in person next month!

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