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The Mafia Only Kills in Summer at Cine-File / Cool Apocalypse on The Arts Section


I have a review of Pierfrancesco Diliberto’s The Mafia Only Kills in Summer at Cine-File (originally posted last Friday). I quite liked this popular Italian comedy even though I know its broad satire and sentimentality have made it a tough sell for a lot of American critics. The more one knows about the deadly seriousness of the Mafia problem in Palermo, however, the more I think one is likely to appreciate it (which is probably why it was so successful in Europe and in its home country in particular). It continues a weeklong run at Facets through Thursday. You can peep my review here: http://cine-file.info/list-archive/2015/APR-15-4.html

Also, I was recently interviewed by Gary Zidek, host of WDCB’s great “Arts Section” program, about my film Cool Apocalypse in advance of its World Premiere this Saturday night at the Illinois International Film Festival in Aurora. You can listen to the 20 minute interview, which includes an audio clip from the film, here: https://soundcloud.com/wdcbnews/the-arts-section-chicago-4


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