The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. Donkey Skin (Demy)
2. Life Itself (James)
3. The Young Girls Turn 25 (Varda)
4. The Immigrant (Gray)
5. The Young Girls of Rochefort (Demy)
6. Bride of Chucky (Yu)
7. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Demy)
8. Bay of Angels (Demy)
9. Horror Story (Raina)
10. Boyhood (Linklater)

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7 responses to “The Last Ten Movies I Saw

  • Mitchell

    Look like someone got the Criterion Jacques Demy collection.

  • Mitchell

    And on a completely different note, I just finished watching MY Criterion set of The Human Condition. Wow.

  • martin fennell

    it would be nice to know what you thought of them.

    • michaelgloversmith

      I enjoyed LIFE ITSELF though not as much as I was hoping I would. It felt like two separate movies (one about Ebert’s life, the other about his death) that didn’t quite cohere into a completely satisfying whole. THE IMMIGRANT and BOYHOOD, both of which I’ve reviewed elsewhere on this blog, are two of my favorite films of recent years. All of the Demy films are great (as is Agnes Varda’s doc about THE YOUNG GIRLS OF ROCHEFORT). HORROR STORY is a mediocre Indian horror film. THE BRIDE OF CHUCKY is an enjoyable horror comedy that bears the distinct imprint of its director, Hong Kong maestro Ronny Yu.

  • martin fennell

    Thank you. The only movie I saw in that list is The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. But it’s a long time ago. But I’m sure I thought it was least good. The last ten movies I saw were.
    1.Election. (Johnnie To)10/10.Even if the message I got was, that psychopaths can be cool as well as hot tempered.
    2. Terror 2000. 8/10/ Yes I’m sure it has a significant message, but I just liked it for it’s weirdness.
    3.Life and nothing more. 7/10. Is it real, is it pure fiction? Does it matter.
    4.The seventh continent 6/10
    I still haven’t seen a Haneke movie that would make me put him in the same league as Bergman or Kurosawa.
    5. Where is the friends home 10/10
    6. Agent 353:Passport to hell. 6/10
    Bergman’s lost masterpiece. No! Would I lie?
    7.Where’s Poppa. 8/10. Although I still rate it highly. I don’t think I can still consider it one of my favourites.
    8.exit Elena. 6/10 Interesting.
    9. The Owl and the pussycat 9/10.
    Another favourite movie I rewatched. This one is staying a favourite. I was reminded with this and poppa, just how terrific an actor George Segal was.
    Code-Breakers: Bletchley Park’s Lost Heroes.

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