The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. Psycho (Hitchcock)
2. Metalhead (Bragason)
3. The World of Goopi and Bagha (Ranade)
4. Slither (Gunn)
5. Bicycle Thieves (De Sica)
6. Deep Cover (Duke)
7. Night Moves (Penn)
8. Extasis (Barroso)
9. Nymphomaniac Vol. 2 (Von Trier)
10. Ugetsu (Mizoguchi)

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10 responses to “The Last Ten Movies I Saw

  • Mitchell

    I always wonder, when I read these lists, if your viewings of the canonical films is always for a class or do you say to yourself ‘Tonight feels like an ‘Ugetsu Monogatari’ night’ and you just let the Mizoguchi rip. I suppose it is both

  • Mitchell

    Do your students realize how lucky they are? What was the reaction to Ugetsu?

    • michaelgloversmith

      I think a couple of them did. One student said that it was the best film we’ve seen all semester. But as for the rest, it’s hard to gauge. Some of them were undoubtedly bored. If you’re really interested though, you should follow the comments section here:

      Instead of having them turn in papers, I told them to read an essay about the film I wrote on this site and post their responses over there. Their responses are due Friday by 12:30pm.

  • John Charet

    I have seen numbers 1,4,5,6,7,9 and 10. Numbers 1,5,7 and 10 are
    * * * * star great ones. 6 is a * * * 1/2 star very good one, 9 is a * * * star good one and 4 is a * * 1/2 star in-between. I have seen Dogville again and now I have given it * * * 1/2 out of * * * * stars. I have changed my opinion of Manderlay and have now given it * * 1/2 out of * * * * stars. That one was too much of a message movie where Dogville felt more like an experience. I also learned that I should not judge a director on a subject because he has not visited the United States. After all, their are plenty of directors that have probably done the same and I have praised them. I would not want to come off as a hypocrite. I have two entries regarding directors John Carpenter and Anthony Mann back at my blog. Here are the links below:

    Here is the one for John Carpenter

    Here is the link for Anthony Mann

    Keep up the great work as always:)

  • Lili Becerril

    Lili Becerril

    Professor Smith
    Intro to Film (HUM 160)
    Ugetsu was a very interesting film to watch. It was interesting to see that the film. It is a tragic and yet beautiful film because of all the suffering that takes place. It is horrifying to see all these people in a small village running from army men who seem to be attacking their homes during this Japanese civil war.
    I agree that it is upsetting watching these men try to strive for success, but lose their family and their way in the process. This world is really based off of impossible moral choices and sadly Genjuro and Tobei chose the wrong path when they decide to leave their families to become a war profiteers. They do not realize that their greed leads to their wives death and prostitution.
    This film tells a great moral in the fact that striving for money can lead to the death and harm of those you love and left behind in the process. In the end they both see the price they pay for their greed and ruthless ambitions and that is why this film is so great. Not to mention the twist of Genjuro falling in love with a ghost as a strange and enchanting twist. Watching this films shows viewers that everything always comes with a price.

  • nuwansenfilmsen

    I just saw your quick review on Cindy’s blog, and thought I’d check out your blog too. Nice Blog. Am keen on checking out your non-fiction book as well. Sounds interesting.

  • Tyler Hurst

    Slither? Really Professor Smith? P.S enjoyed your review on “Under The Skin” need to see that.

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