The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. Elena (Costa)
2. Anina (Soderguit)
3. The Longest Distance (Pinto)
4. A New Leaf (May)
5. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (Allen)
6. Mouchette (Bresson)
7. Out of the Past (Tourneur)
8. Journey to the West (Tsai)
9. The Harder They Come (Henzell)
10. Anatahan (Von Sternberg)


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5 responses to “The Last Ten Movies I Saw

  • John Charet

    First things first, in reply to your “Jacques-in-the-Box” reply, 🙂 I personally feel that Jerry Lewis is closer to Frank Tashlin than Jacques Tati. My whole point is that a regular moviegoer (and maybe a couple of film historians/critics) in France embraces Jerry Lewis because out of all of the cinematic comedy legends in America, Lewis (to them) comes the closest to being an American heir to their own Jacques Tati. Now this is based more on emotion than fact, but I have heard some cinema experts in the past imply this. The majority of cinephiles (me and you for example) view him as a worthy heir to Frank Tashlin. Nevertheless, Frank Tashlin was also viewed more favorably in Paris at the time than he was in the U.S.A. Nonetheless, Americans did love Jerry Lewis films, but the French love his work to the extent that we love Apple Pie 🙂 Personally, I love Jerry Lewis work as a director (three of them are four star works and another one is a three-and-a-half star one). Ditto for Frank Tashlin and (as you know) Jacques Tati as well. Anyway, keep up the great work with your blog, I am still trying to figure out what my next blog entry should be about. Regards:)

    • michaelgloversmith

      I’m curious to know what your four-star Jerry Lewis films are. I’m guessing THE BELLBOY, THE NUTTY PROFESSOR and THE LADIES MAN, am I right? NUTTY PROFESSOR is being released on Blu-ray this summer. Hallelujah!

  • John Charet

    You are entirely correct. For a demonstration, here is how I would rank them.
    -My Favorite Jerry Lewis Films
    * * * * (Out of * * * *)
    1. The Bellboy (1960)
    2. The Nutty Professor (1963)
    3. The Ladies Man (1961)

    * * * 1/2 (Out of * * * *)
    1. The Patsy (1964)

  • John Charet

    P.S. William Friedkin’s Sorcerer (1977) comes to DVD/Blu-Ray in April. I am so looking forward to that. Are you?

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