The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. Claire’s Knee (Rohmer)
2. My Night at Maud’s (Rohmer)
3. The Headless Woman (Martel)
4. Grizzly Man (Herzog)
5. La Collectionneuse (Rohmer)
6. Yi Yi (Yang)
7. A Winter’s Tale (Rohmer)
8. Suzanne’s Career (Rohmer)
9. The Sign of Leo (Rohmer)
10. Contracted (England)


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3 responses to “The Last Ten Movies I Saw

  • John Charet

    Well I have seen most of the titles on here. Everything by Eric Rohmer as well as Werner Herzog and Edward Yang. I love the way you decorated your site for the Christmas season:) I need to come up with some new blog entries…

    • michaelgloversmith

      The French label Potemkine has released a Blu-ray box set that contains Rohmer’s complete works. It’s the greatest shit ever. I’m trying to watch the entire thing so that I can include it in my “Top home video releases of 2013” article, which I plan on posting on December 23.

  • John Charet

    Sounds great, As usual this year I am going to do a “Top 10 List of 2013” I bet you are excited to see my list as I am to see your list. Both of the films of 2013 and the home video releases of the year:)

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