The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. City Streets (Mamoulian)
2. East Side, West Side (LeRoy)
3. Faust (Murnau)
4. Earth (Dovzhenko)
5. Easy to Love (Keighley)
6. The Grandmaster (Wong)
7. The Best Years of Our Lives (Wyler)
8. Laurence Anyways (Dolan)
9. Julia’s Eyes (Morales)
10. The Roaring Twenties (Walsh)


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5 responses to “The Last Ten Movies I Saw

  • John Charet

    Dovzhenko’s Earth (1930) is a must see. Nice to see that you have seen a Raoul Walsh film recently. In this case it is “The Roaring Twenties” I read somewhere that it was ranked on a list of great obscure gangster films somewhere along with Robert Aldrich’s “The Grissom Gang”

    • michaelgloversmith

      I too love Earth — a beautiful visual poem and a hymn to the land and the people who work it. Unfortunately, it tends to go over the least well out of the four movies I show in my rotating “Soviet Montage” slot (along with Potemkin, Man with the Movie Camera and Alexander Nevsky).

  • Dave Plomin

    What a diverse group of films! I’d love to be in your class!

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