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No Budge Films


I have written a review of a winning microbudget indie entitled The Men of Dodge City for No Budge, a new website launched by actor/filmmaker Kentucker Audley (Sun Don’t Shine) that provides the invaluable service of streaming indie films for free. As someone who recently opined that it’s easier now than ever before to get movies made but harder than ever to get them seen, I think Kentucker’s site is a great resource for both indie filmmakers and anyone who cares about good cinema fare. The arresting still above is taken from The Men of Dodge City; as you can see, its young director/cinematographer, Nandan Rao, has quite the poetic feel for interior locations. I hope to contribute to No Budge Films on a semi-regular basis. There will be no reduction in my blogging duties right here on White City Cinema.

Read my review of The Men of Dodge City here: http://nobudge.com/main/2013/7/25/review-the-men-of-dodge-city

Learn more about No Budge Films here: http://www.nobudge.com/


The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. Boogie Nights (Anderson)
2. Dans Paris (Honore)
3. Wolfen (Wadleigh)
4. The Boss of It All (Von Trier)
5. The Sunshine Boy (Fridriksson)
6. Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Shinkai)
7. Grabbers (Wright)
8. Deep Cover (Duke)
9. Rock in Reykjavik (Fridriksson)
10. Eros Plus Massacre (Yoshida)

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