The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. The More the Merrier (Stevens)
2. The Rules of the Game (Renoir)
3. Brief Encounter (Lean)
4. Spaceballs (Brooks)
5. Laura (Preminger)
6. Nosferatu (Murnau)
7. Kitty Foyle (Wood)
8. Man with the Movie Camera (Vertov)
9. Bringing Up Baby (Hawks)
10. Silver Linings Playbook (Russell)


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5 responses to “The Last Ten Movies I Saw

  • Omar Pineda

    Last ten Movies I Saw
    1. Deadtime Stories: Volume 1 (Monahan/Fischa/Savini)
    2. Road to Nowhere (Hellman)
    3. David Holtzman’s Diary (McBride)
    4. The Theatre Bizarre (Buck/Giovinazzo/Gregory/Hussain/Kasten/Savini/Stanley)
    5. Django (Corbucci)
    6. Salome’s Last Dance (Russell)
    7. No Way Home (Giovinazzo)
    8. The Invention of Lying (Gervais/Robinson)
    9. Groundhog Day (Ramis)
    10. Following Sean (Arlyck)

    • michaelgloversmith

      Good list. Road to Nowhere, David Holzman and Groundhog Day are favorites (the latter of which I actually show in class sometimes). Django is interesting although, like all spaghetti westerns not directed by Sergio Leone, it’s not in the same league as any of the spaghetti westerns directed by Sergio Leone.

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