The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. Zero Dark Thirty (Bigelow)
2. The Yards (Gray)
3. Little Odessa (Gray)
4. Violette (Chabrol)
5. The Ascent (Shepitko)
6. The Portrait of a Lady (Campion)
7. The Fly (Cronenberg)
8. The Cranes are Flying (Kalatozov)
9. Ivan the Terrible, Part II (Eisenstein)
10. Ivan the Terrible, Part I (Eisenstein)


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10 responses to “The Last Ten Movies I Saw

  • Victor De Leon

    Nice list, Micheal. I have yet to see The Yards and I need to revisit The Fly asap. I love that movie. Thanks and Happy New Year!

    • michaelgloversmith

      I don’t think I had seen The Fly since the 80s(!) but it’s one of Cronenberg’s best. The Yards is a must see if you like James Gray’s other films. I also couldn’t recommend Zero Dark Thirty more highly if you haven’t seen it yet. Happy New Year to you too!

  • david

    And the Oscar goes to … Zero Dark Thirty this year?

    I watched Shepitko’s THE WINGS a long time ago and loved it, is The Ascent a better film?

  • Bherz

    My last ten:

    Fort Apache (Ford)
    Django Unchained (Tarentino)
    School of Rock (Linklater)
    The Amazing Spiderman (Webb)
    300 (Snyder)
    Trouble With The Curve (Lorenz)
    The Words (Klugman, Sternthal)
    Les Miserables (Hooper)
    Bad Santa (Zwigoff)
    Batman 2 (Nolan)

    I was underwhelmed by Django Unchained. School of Rock was awesome.

    What was your take on Django and Zero Dark?

    • michaelgloversmith

      I agree Django was disappointing. There were some good performances and good scenes but it just didn’t cohere on the whole. One of the big problems I had was that Django and Broomhilda (whose love story should’ve been driving the whole plot) were, at best, the 4th and 5th most interesting characters in the film. For me, the movie died when Calvin Candie died.

      Zero Dark Thirty is my favorite American film of the past 5 years. Full review coming soon!

  • tetsuo

    i’m writing now an analytical review on Shepitko’s “The Wings” in my film study school. haven’t idea that foreigners watched her movies too.

  • Mitchell

    I’ve been recently watching Paradjanov – look for a blog post in the near future- and seeing Ivan The Terrible on your list made me realize how the tableaux of Paradjanov might be indebted to the extreme stylization of Eisenstein, especially in Ivan part one. Need to think more about this. Somehow, this connection makes the Paradjanov films less strange/remote – which is a shame.

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