The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. The Seagull’s Laughter (Guðmundsson)
2. Inside (Bustillo/Maury)
3. Unforgivable (Techine)
4. Johnny Guitar (Ray)
5. Rio Grande (Ford)
6. Kon Tiki (Heyerdahl)
7. Certified Copy (Kiarostami)
8. Cross of Love (Tulio)
9. Jar City (Kormákur)
10. A River Called Titas (Ghatak)

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4 responses to “The Last Ten Movies I Saw

  • Mitchell

    What did you think of Unforgivable? Is it worth making a trip to the Music Box?

    • michaelgloversmith

      Mitchell, I loved Unforgivable and would consider it essential viewing. It’s rich, dense and novelistic, and has a psychological depth one rarely finds in contemporary movies. If you’re a fan of Andre Techine’s best work (Rendezvous, Wild Reeds and Thieves), then you should definitely go see it. Right now, it’s my second favorite film of the year (behind This Is Not a Film).

  • Mitchell

    That’s encouraging! I loved Wild Reeds. By the way, which blogging format do you use? I currently use Blogspot but find it very ‘unintuitive’ and none of my subscribers get notified when I post something.

    Johnny Guitar, huh? What an archetypical piece of 50s paranoia and gender confusion nuttiness!

    • michaelgloversmith

      I use wordpress and love it. I’m really not so good with the old technology but I find this format to be very user friendly.

      I just watched Johnny Guitar and Rio Grande after purchasing the new Olive Films Blu-rays. They’re both magnificent. Olive is also putting out Letter from an Unknown Woman on Blu very soon. That company is killing it.

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