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Book Publication News

As many longtime readers of this blog know, I have spent the past two years quietly but steadily working with my good buddy Adam Selzer on a non-fiction book about the history of early film production in Chicago. I am pleased to announce that yesterday we signed a contract with the Chicago and London-based company KWS Publishers, Inc. who will put the book out next year. Tentatively titled Flickering Empire: How Chicago Invented the U.S. Film Industry, this book will tell the fascinating but too little known story of how Chicago served as the unlikely capital of film production in America in the decade prior to the rise of Hollywood. We are striving to write an account that we hope will be as entertaining as it is informative, and one that will straddle the worlds of academia and popular non-fiction alike. Colorful, larger than life historical figures like Thomas Edison, Charlie Chaplin, Oscar Micheaux and Orson Welles are major players in this story – in addition to important but forgotten industry giants like “Colonel” William Selig, George Spoor and Gilbert “Broncho Billy” Anderson. More info concerning Flickering Empire will appear on this blog in the near future – so stay tuned!

You can visit KWS on the web here: http://www.kwspub.com/

You can read pertinent posts on “Chicago movies” on this blog here: https://whitecitycinema.com/category/chicago-movies/


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