The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. The Awful Truth (McCarey)
2. The Searchers (Ford)
3. Ugetsu (Mizoguchi)
4. Citizen Kane (Welles)
5. Chinatown (Polanski)
6. McCabe and Mrs. Miller (Altman)
7. Bicycle Thieves (De Sica)
8. Aliens (Cameron)
9. Eraserhead (Lynch)
10. The Lady Eve (Sturges)

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15 responses to “The Last Ten Movies I Saw

  • david

    Sir,do you have a list of the films you showed in your Cinema History classes? I’m interested what films you pick up from all those greats.

  • david

    His early ones would be prefect.

  • david

    sorry for the typo,perfect.

  • Omar Pineda

    Last Ten Movies I Saw
    1. Where the Sidewalk Ends (Preminger)
    2. Boogie Boy (Hamann)
    3. More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead (Philputt)
    4. Homeboy (Seresin)
    5. Bad Lieutenant (Ferrara)
    6. Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (Lumet)
    7. Scum – Theatrical Version (Clarke)
    8. Bonnie & Clyde (Penn)
    9. Far from Heaven (Haynes)
    10. Dial M For Murder (Hitchcock)

    • michaelgloversmith

      Bad Lieutenant, Bonnie and Clyde, Far from Heaven and Dial M for Murder are faves. I hope you got to see the original, now-suppressed version of Bad Lieutenant with Schooly D’s Signifying Rapper on the soundtrack.

      I really need to see Where the Sidewalk Ends.

  • Omar Pineda

    I loved all those too. I own the original Bad Lieutenant DVD, but i don’t think it has Schooly D’s song in it. I’ve heard of that version plenty. As far as i know that’s the only thing that was taken out of it, shame too. Where’ve you see that version?

    And Where the Sidewalk Ends is an excellent Noir film. Has a great and simple title sequence too

  • Omar Pineda

    Wow, so when it came out in 1992?

  • Omar Pineda

    Wow, 17. You’re one of few to have seen that version now. I saw there was a version with Schooly D’s song in the movie on some torrent.

  • Omar Pineda

    I ought to have a VCR for some things, that’s one. Some definitive editions of movies or films in general only have a life on VHS.

    “What are you men or mice!”

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