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We Were There for “I’m Not There”

Susan Doll has posted an overview of my Facets Night School lecture on Todd Haynes’ I’m Not There from earlier this month on the Facets Features blog. I’m exceedingly grateful to her for including quotes from some of her students who were in attendance concerning their reactions to both the film and my presentation, especially since there were a fair number of walkouts during the screening. (In the best midnight movie tradition, the film proved extremely divisive, with the audience seemingly split between those who found the film a pretentious bore and those who wanted to stick around afterwards to discuss what they found fascinating about it).

You can read the full blog post here:

Facets Features Blog

Chicagoans can catch more Night School screenings between now and April 21st. In particular, I’d like to remind my students that 20 points extra credit is available should they decide to take in any of the remaining sessions. (For more information, visit the extra credit page of your course website.) The full Facets Night School schedule can be found here:

Facets Night School Schedule

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