R.O.U.S. – A Rodent of Unusual Sexiness

Last night my wife Jill and I attended a special Valentine’s Day screening of The Princess Bride at the Music Box Theatre. In spite of the fact that the screening was sold out, only four audience members chose to participate in the pre-show entertainment costume contest. Incredibly, three out of the four contestants, including Jill, were dressed as Rodents of Unusual Size. Even though Jill has had luck in the past with these movie related contests, she didn’t win because the one non-R.O.U.S. contestant was a pre-pubescant girl dressed as Princess Buttercup. Let’s face it: you just can’t beat a kid. (The below photo, however, wins my personal award for Sexiest Rat Ever.)

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9 responses to “R.O.U.S. – A Rodent of Unusual Sexiness

  • peyton myrick

    im trying to think of something cheesy to say. oh, nevermind. i just did.

  • jilliemae

    I kind of wish that the tag wasn’t hanging out. ūüė¶

  • Ben Herzberger

    Hahaha. That is awesome! And I can’t believe that a “pre-pubescent girl dressed as Buttercup” beat this out. Really??

    • michaelgloversmith

      Ben, the judging was done not by a panel of experts but by loudest audience applause. Jill did get louder applause than the other two rodents though!

      BTW, I saw a film last night that I think you would really like, Bertrand Bonello’s HOUSE OF PLEASURES – a fascinating look at the closing of a high-class brothel in fin de siecle Paris.

      • Ben Herzberger

        Very interesting, I will check it out.

        On that note, so I saw Bresson’s “Pickpocket”. Watched it twice. Of course I thought it was awesome. Weirdly I thought the “acting” (especially by that male lead) was pretty good! I think I see a little of what “all the commotion is about” with Bresson. One thing I thought very cool: the actual pickpocketing scenes where the action is halted or sped-up in a weird way and shows how mechanically sinister a skillful pickpocket can be, like the pickpocket trains himself to see the “gaps” where the prey is unaware of his exposed pocket/wrist, etc. and can exploit them. Anyway, I imagine you could expound on that. I’ve got another one coming in de queue.

  • Omar Pineda

    =) Great post Mike

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