In Praise of My Wife

Last night my wife Jillian and I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of the 47th annual Chicago International Film Festival, which included a screening of the locally shot indie drama The Last Rites of Joe May (starring everyone’s favorite real-life-Chicago-cop-turned-actor Dennis Farina) as well as a swanky after party at the Chicago Cultural Center. Although we are longtime CIFF attendees, this was the first time we’ve actually walked the red carpet on opening night. The reason? Jillian won a contest in which she created the festival’s official gelato. The assignment was to create a delectable flavor concoction from an array of possibilities and give it a movie-themed name. Her submission? A chocolate gelato with a banana mix-in named . . . Inglorious Bananas!

Out of the hundreds of submissions the CIFF received, they nominated five finalists and a taste-test was held at NoMi where local film and food critics convened to vote on the best flavor-and-name combination. I don’t know whether it was the clever Ben and Jerry’s-style name or the delicious simplicity of combining chocolate and banana but “Inglorious Bananas” prevailed over such other worthy contenders as “The Blues Berry Brothers” and “Red Velvet, Red Carpet.” In addition to winning two tickets to opening night of the festival, we will also receive 12 pints of Al Gelato (the official manufacturer) for six months and a private tour of the Al Gelato factory in Franklin Park where we will actually get to make the festival gelato. I could not be more proud of my wife.

This is how Jillian enjoys her gelato:

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10 responses to “In Praise of My Wife

  • jilliemae

    I can’t believe that you posted this, you are the best husband ever.

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  • michaelgloversmith

    I should point out that while it may look like the picture at the bottom of this post is a candid photo of Jill eating gelato and watching Inglourious Basterds, it was actually staged just for this blog. In fact, we had a ridiculous amount of fun staging it. It was almost like making a movie!

  • suzidoll

    This is the coolest movie-related activity I have heard of in a while–and the perfect name for the gelato.

  • Colm

    Way to go! Now how’s about that recipe?

  • clementina verdin

    that gelato sounds sooooo good!!! Clever choice for a bad-ass film. Also, i like this mike cat. He seems like a keeper….

  • dieta

    .RedEye Presents Do the Festival a Flavor .So we partnered with the Chicago International Film Festival CIFF and Al Gelato to let readers submit up to 2 of their own gelato creations for the chance to have their flavor featured as the Flavor of the Festival . Contestants submitted their entries via an online entry form at by choosing a basic variety of ingredients. 303 of you entered and qualified entries were narrowed down to five finalists by CIFF and Al Gelato and the Grand Prize entry was chosen at a taste test at NoMi on Aug 15th.Four of the finalists were set to receive 12 pints of gelato each while the Grand Prize winner received 2 tickets to Opening Night of the Festival a tour of the Al Gelato factory with up to 3 friends the chance to make their gelato flavor free gelato for 6 months and the honor of having their flavor be the official Flavor of the Festival .

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