The Last Ten Movies I Saw

1. The French (Klein)
2. A Fugitive from the Past (Uchida)
3. Floating Clouds (Naruse)
4. Our Neighbor, Miss Yae (Shimazu)
5. The Ornamental Hairpin (Shimizu)
6. Everything Must Go (Rush)
7. Citizen Kane (Welles)
8. Rango (Verbinski)
9. CIMM Fest Shorts Program A (Various)
10. The Masseurs and a Woman (Shimizu)


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3 responses to “The Last Ten Movies I Saw

  • Omar Pineda

    Last ten movies i saw
    1. Trick Baby (Yust)
    2. The Big Lebowski (Coen Brothers)
    3. Fetishes (Broomfield)
    4. Super Fly (Parks Jr.)
    5. The Mack (Campus)
    6. Wall Street (Stone)
    7. The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (Cassavetes)
    8. Faces (Cassavetes)
    9. Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer (Broomfield)
    10. The Girl From Monday (Hartley)

  • michaelgloversmith

    Blaxploitation, Cassavetes and Broomfield – an eclectic mix!

    I think Chinese Bookie is one of Cassavetes’ very best, especially if you think about Cosmo as being John’s alter-ego and the strippers as being stand-ins for his stock company of actors. I also think The Big Lebowski is the Coen Bros. best.

    • Omar Pineda

      I think i would have to agree about both The killing of a Chinese Bookie and The Big Lebowski. I had a hard time the first time i saw Chinese Bokkie, i saw things i liked, but then other things i don’t think i could stand. Now the second time i saw it, i loved it and saw just about everything that was great about it. I could see that Metaphor about Cosmo and the club and Cassavetes and his film gang. That reminds of a similar connection made between Abel Ferrara and his movie Fear City. Lebowski i immediately loved.

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