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Love Stalker: an Unromantic Comedy

My friends and fellow Columbia Film School graduates Matt Glasson and Bowls MacLean are shooting a feature film, Love Stalker, in St. Louis next month. The film is an adaptation of their award-winning short of the same title. The short, a darkly funny musical about a loser who stalks his favorite bartender, calls to mind the work of Roman Polanski and David Lynch. It can be viewed in its entirety on youtube and I highly recommend taking the time to watch the whole thing; the film’s final thrilling minutes dramatize some kind of psychic rupture (a la Mulholland Drive) that must be seen to be believed. Check it out:

Matt and Bowls are currently looking for donations to help defray the cost of production on the feature. Every penny counts and supporting independent filmmaking is a very worthy cause, folks. I donated $25 myself and I recommend anyone who enjoys the short to do the same. The plot of the feature will apparently differ substantially from the short. You can read all about it at indiegogo where you can also make a donation:



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